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Posted on Oct 30, 2012

A Buyer’s Guide to Apple Products [Infographic]

A Buyer’s Guide to Apple Products [Infographic]

After Apple’s latest event where it released its latest products, namely the iPad mini and a much-needed upgrade for the iMac, following the product lines has become full of hassles in determining which specs are the best for the buck, and namely, which device to get the utmost satisfaction from. A fanboy would aim to get all the toys his money can buy, but let’s face it, the more toys you have, the double your troubles. With the holidays coming up, budgeting is also the issue when it comes to giving the best to the most cherished members in your inner circle, and sometimes finding the best gadget for the best price is a hassle in researching what’s best. So here’s a roundup of what Apple has to offer, from the cheapest iPod Shuffle to the strongest MacBook Pro on the block. See for yourself!


A special thanks for @vipwoody for helping out in the research. The sharpest tool in the shed!


Apple Product Roundup. What your money can buy

Apple product roundup. What your money can buy.

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