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Posted on Mar 26, 2014

Limited Book Selection in Lebanon? Kindle has the answer

Limited Book Selection in Lebanon? Kindle has the answer

I found myself when I settled back in Lebanon that there is a significant shortage of book selections in libraries, particularly Virgin Megastore and Librairie Antoine, which makes my enthusiasm to read books drop by the faint of all excuses: I can’t find my book. It is completely understandable that such enterprises can’t afford to get all books (particularly the expensive business ones, for example) for such a small society that isn’t too fond of reading, they do offer the option to get any book from Amazon, but that’ll cost you.

The price to be paid is often the book’s original price (not amazon’s discounted value) and often free shipping if not a flat fee and a month’s tedious wait to get a measly book.

Edit: A friend of mine recently noted that Librairie Antoine doesn’t charge a fee for ordering books and received it in 3 weeks time

For the habitual reader, that won’t be a problem, as there’ll always be some book to finish before that. But for an amateur reader trying to develop the habit of reading, that might kill the enthusiasm by the time the book reaches the motherland.

I recently got a Kindle Paperwhite as a birthday gift from my thoughtful sister. I frankly didn’t realize its potential before it occurred to me to look for all the books that I had lurking in my wishlist, waiting to be shipped in bulk after checking their final price in Lebanon. While this requires an initial investment to get the Kindle, and this might be off-putting for some, it won’t be long before the benefits are realized by instant access to books, easier reading wherever you can borrow a seat, and a lightweight alternative to those bulky novels.

Not to mention the more books you read, the greater savings you reap through Kindle’s discounted prices instead of paying the full value + shipping costs. So far, I bought 3 novels that I’m enjoying behind one easy to read e-ink display. If you face this challenge whilst traveling, I recommend getting a Kindle.

PS: Mine was bought from Malik’s Bookshop

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